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SC Johnson InstantFOAM Hand Sanitizer Foam

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  • andlt liandgt andlt pandgt InstantFOAM Non Alcohol Pure is a highly effective, perfume free and dye free, foaming hand sanitizer solutionandlt /liandgt andlt liandgt It\'s an ideal product for areas where flammable or alcohol based products are a concern, but critical hand hygiene is requiredandlt /liandgt andlt liandgt Benzalkonium Chloride kills 99andlt /liandgt andlt liandgt 99 percent of many common germs in just 30 secondsandlt /liandgt

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1 6 fl oz (47 mL) Bottle Dispenser Kill Germs Multipurpose Clear Alcohol free, Dye free, Anti irritant, Hygienic 12 / Carton


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